About Vocation Watch

Everything has to start somewhere, even a watch (micro) brand. Vocation was formed to further the accuracy and dependability of wristwatches in innovative and cost-effective aesthetic.

Our first model is a one-piece water-resistant plastic cased Miyota quartz that should retail for about $9. It features easy battery change, is swim and shower proof and comes on a futuristic mesh velcro strap. The bubble-like case design was inspired by the shape of TWS earbuds.


Fig.1 - Rough renders of the watch case and strap

The Vocation 1 features 4 innovations. The case is transparent, 2 halves, press-fit with integrated crystal. The strap is open mesh velcro with vents for the hooks to grab the loops. The strap slips through a ventral clip molded into the case. Finally, the crown is shrouded and water resistant, operated through protruding bumps, spring-loaded.

FreeLunch.my, C. K. Yap, yapchenkuang@outlook.com, Background image by rawpixel.com on Freepik