The Raspberry Revolution

Made with Tahitian vanilla beans, said the statuesque redhead sultrily, showing off a large raspberry tart.

And who is she? whispered the Belgian delegation.

Scarlett Johansson's twin?

Even better, Jessica L'Serre's younger sister.

The Chinese vice president lifted his glasses and spoke in Mandarin to the translator.

L'Serre -came the translation, the new Stormy Daniels.

Settle down, everyone, said POTUS. She's clean as a whistle, and we'll all have her tart.

Why does "Stormy Daniels" have to come to Bora-Bora? Asked the Chinese VP, why not Bernadette Szocs?

POTUS chuckled. Nixon loved table tennis. I like fruit pie. Now who's joining me for a swim?

The world leaders dipped in the south Pacific lagoon with an American carrier group stationed just beyond the reef sandbars. They could see personnel on deck with binoculars to their faces scanning slowly over the island of just 30 square miles.

The age of empire is over, said the American president. And it's time to tell you all that I've been talking to the Pope about the holes in our pockets. If anything can mend the economy, it's prayer and the spiritual contributions of the faithful.

Oh, and when Kim arrives, tell him about the private sauna on the hill citadel.

Yes sir, said the assistant.

Jealousy starts men thinking big. Shame generates slave capital. Lust fuels prosperity, and religion -even just one man's teaching, breeds revolution, change, obsession with fairness, offense, so comes war. And the cycle repeats. Winner versus loser, -jealousy.

I'm old, said POTUS. And this fukkin' world is nothing more than a scrawnier and scrawnier lump of lard.


The sauna was on low and everyone sat on the warm benches with towels on their laps.

Same hairdo, 20 years back, observed the Chinese delegation.

Kim smiled, nodding. His block of swept back hair forming a glossy trapezoid over his head.

You know, the yellow man is inferior in the sense that we are genetically predisposed to sedentary satisfaction. Not that we have hoggish noses or shorter dicks.

POTUS beamed enthusiastically. We've been trying to tell the Blacks the same thing for 60 years. They love wealth more than their people -deep down. That's how the African kings sold their subjects into slavery. Not that we didn't make them the offer...

They started singing "Everything's beautiful, in its own way".

After the dinner party, finished off with Jennie L'Serre's dessert special, POTUS and the famous adult entertainer's kid sister took a stroll by the beach.

What got you into cooking?

Just something a woman does naturally, -like Jessica's job, she winced meekly.

We're all voyeurs. There's no need to apologize for someone making honest money. There are 4 pillars of the new economy, and watching real people doing real things is a big one. The others are food, security, and information / skills.

There's a school of thought called 'you should' and 'thou shalt not'. Osteen builds a million dollar mansion to entertain from, and suddenly he's an antichrist. If you sell something, people can buy it; if you want something, somebody should sell it. Most focus on the 'something', when they should be concerned about the 'wanting'.

But that's not why I asked you out here.

They looked at one another, while in the distance, framed between them, the French research ship Napoleon II launched 6 cloud seeding rockets into the dimming evening sky.

Sir, it's going to rain, like right now, said an assistant.

Fukk it, said POTUS. Jennie, we need more tart. YOU making tarts. Tahitian vanilla -the rarest and most prized in the world. We ate what 99.99% of the world can't afford. I'm staring at someone 99.99% of the world would die for a roll in the hay with. Why do we have to crumble this way?

Those who aren't shiners are wieners.

A curtain of rain descended and POTUS ducked under a proffered umbrella, back to the citadel.

Jennifer L'Serre stood by the sea, drenched. Water ran down her hair, over her eyes, down her chin, pooling in her sleeves and hem.

Then someone touched her from the side. The President would like you to join him in the sauna. There will be grilled baby octopus sushi and garlic soju.

Who... the President?

Yes, Mr Kim. And please be quick., C. K. Yap,