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Welcome to the free-browsing book store. Here you may download / purchase PDF / ePUB copies of my latest short stories. Send e-mail with subject book to to place your orders.

Learning to Tell Time : An Essay (Free!)

A non-fiction essay, 18 pages. Rehab and my love for watches.

My Short Stories Vol. 1 (Free!)

A philosopher falls in love with 2 women and forgets his priorities in The Before Room. Three friends growing old in a dangerous new world order discover how fragile life can be in Glass Houses of Summer. A space industry contractor forgets her tiny reptillian helper and fumbles her way through launch day in Straw in the Cold.

My Short Stories Vol. 2 ($1.99)

In The Gold Jacket we meet (morally-) flamboyant players on the darker side of love. Hear the breakfast politicking among men of the cloth of future time in Toast and Curry. And let a cripple with song show us the beauty of the human spirit in Ukulele Travels.

My Short Stories Vol. 3 (Free!)

My final collection of short stories before I retire from writing. A couple dreams of a business high in the mountains of Papua in The Honey Pot; jogging partners exchange gospel but are they who they seem in Made for Running; a mental health seminar turns into something beautiful in I Material., C. K. Yap,