My Collected Guitar Songs

TAB notation. 7[....._] means high E string on the 7th fret. 7[.....-] is one fret above and 7[.....*] is 2 frets above. Feel free to cover any of my songs!


Down the road from where we used to live
Used to play give and forgive
Was the apple tree
Oh, that apple tree

7[.._-_.] 7[.._-_*] 7[.*_-_.] 6[.-_-.]
7[.._-_*] 7[*._-_*] 7[**_-_*] 6[.-_._.]


I see my summer love
Her brown skin framed in
Champaign sunshine
All those wisps of gold
Float about her face
Everytime she tries to speak
Heaven comes by and
Takes those words she seeks
Just leave on my lips girl
Your bitter glaze
Always remember you baby
Always remember my summer love

3[...-_.] 3[...-_-] 3[.--._.] 2 [.__...] 2[..___.] [......]


Put it to an end
Get you on my second chance
Get you while your eyes are dry
She's been licking her wounds

6[*_-...] 4[*_-...] 4[._-...] 7[*_-...] 7[._-...]
5[*_-...] 4[*_-...] 4[._-...] 6[*_-...]


She didn't have a name
So the wind gave one to her
It called her Caraway
So Caraway
Turn in your sleep
That green and bubbling
Springs may peek
And we may find
Those things we seek
Beneath these curly clouds

2[..__..] 3[__..__] 5[__..__] 5[..__..]
3[_-..__] 3[._-.__] 3[.--.._] 3[_...__] 3[._..__] 3[_-..__], C. K. Yap,