Python Scripts / Apps

Python3 scripts I develop [highly usable but still in beta]. Tested on Linux. Should work on Mac OS X and Windows too. To use them you will first need Python3 and the pip3 module manager. Refer to your OS documentation to install these packages. Feel free to modify and distribute my scripts!

2023 19 Feb Sunday,
--YAK2 0.7.0 semi-auto key change function, less flicker
--ChiNow! 0.2.2 bug fixes to CEDict lookup, Learn-Search instant switch
--NiP 0.7.1 minor bug fixes to updating the jump menu
--yak3 0.0.2 preloads samples for smoother play, fixed gaps in .wav export, sample selection option

NiP Linking Notepad for (Bible) Study

Fig.1 - NiP 0.7.0b

YAK2 1-2-3 Music Sequencer

Fig.2 - YAK2 0.6.0b

ChiNow! Chinese "Alphabet" Speller

Fig.3 - ChiNow! 0.2.1b, C. K. Yap,