The I-Ching Into the Modern Age

Being an astrology buff, I had just produced a book, commissioned by witches, called The Analects of Elder Brother Yeap, ABY [on my Google Drive] and was then instructed to draw the caduceus (centre of the above diagram), I never knew it would mirror the black stone of Mecca (inset), much less the I-Ching.

Fig.1 - True arrangement of the BaZi

The diagram above is primarily a bagua, a trigram geomancy compass, of the ideal form, Early Heaven, and is binary in arrangement in that the trigrams' yin and yang bars and breaks form a stepwise progression like the counting beads of an abacus.

The number pairs on the inside of the trigrams are the classical hexagram numbers taken from the I-Ching. Each hexagram pair is positioned along the axes of the bagua, in month-by-month progression.

What this means for astrology, is that each of the 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching can now be associated with a date in the modern calendar, a month in a cycle of 12 months over a period of 6 years, repeating. Along with the religious central "compass", it has never been so easy to divine the prophecy of God and the reactions of mortals.

The contemporary ABY, which is chronological, could now be correlated to the I-Ching, giving astrologers additional insight of a more modern context. Derived from the ABY, a series of 9 x 4, or 36 personality pairs, line the outside of the diagram. Unlike the I-Ching, the ABY postulates 72, or 12 x 6, personalities of man, mysteriously 8 more than the older work.

From further research into the ABY and the 12 animals of the Chinese 12-year zodiac, I produced the above chart. Each zodiac animal (of which I am proudly a Dragon), has a mate or pair associated with a month, over 2 cycles of 6 years. What this means is that a person may now more accurately predict their monthly fortunes, knowing their Chinese zodiac sign.

Fig.2 - Animal zoidac relationship to BaZi

Note that there are 8 mystery personalities! [update] I suspect that the 8 personalities missing from my analysis are in fact the 8 trigrams themselves., C. K. Yap,