(Cards and Tarot) Multi-Player Games

Card games I invented (still in beta testing). You will need a Tarot deck, standard playing cards, and a 20-sided dice. Lots of house rules possible.

Love & War

This is a game for standard playing cards, essentially group (4-player) Solitaire.

Dice rolls enable the following 6 Actions.



This is a game for a Tarot deck of cards. There are only 3 main rules:

There can only be 3 negotiation outcomes. In all cases, a player must be dragged to the finish.

At the end of the game there is a consolidation in 3 parts that carries on into the next adventure, this time, with magic!



This is a PHYSICAL SPORT employing a Bolas or specifically a Boleadora which is a three-cord lasso. Each player has one of these he makes for himself from comparatively light knotted paracord. These may be of custom design, labelled for owner's recognition.

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