Casual Karate Belt Store

Welcome to the Belt Store! We are not selling just yet but if you're willing to wait, you may order by sending e-mail to with the subject: cake.

Fig.1 - (Roughly) How to make and tie a CaKe

We all know them -those broad cotton stiffy bands that hold a martial arts gi together. Knotted double with ends left to droop.

What you never thought of was wearing one of these as a casual accessory -until now.

The Casual Karate is more than a way of knotting an obi (belt). It is secure as it is beautifully simple and a statement of the wearer's non-conformist attitudes.

But more than anything, the CaKe is affordable ($1.50 cost price), comfortable, and practical to loosen / tighten.

We use and recommend (if you decide to make your own) junior-level belts. Especially white (which is so classic), green / yellow as well as red / black. Junior belts are thinner which makes for a neater knot and fits under most belt loops.


How to make and tie your own CaKe belt below. Shortly, merch for everyone to order.

1. The only knot is a simple over and under-through, forming a pentagonal shape 2. 3. Then the loose end of the belt is fed through the underside 4. A back fold and twist are made after tightening 5. 6. And the end is then fed through the topside 7. 8. Tidy up and loop the belt round the back if it is too long. Feeding the right and pulling the loose left end will tighten the fit.
NOTE: You will want to stitch the pentagon shape so it doesn't come undone. A needle and thread are all you need. Take care not to obstruct the slots needed for pass-through., C. K. Yap,