My Python3 Apps

This is a page for my Python3 apps which can run on Windows, Linux, or Mac, if you have python3 installed and the modules they need installed, via pip or apt-get etc. Check the source and modify it or drop me an e-mail at: if you can't get them running somehow. And, yes, all my apps are open source and FREE to do anything you want with. All archives were shrunk with 7zip (it's FREE too). PS, I managed to compile the 4 apps for Windows x64 via Cython and cl. The .exe are included.


Yak is a 4 track sequencer utilizing wav samples you can record yourself. I haven't tried it but it should accept long samples, like sound bites(?) It uses 123 notation and supports key changes in mid bar. Also supports tweakable humanization. Comes with 4 sample instruments I made myself. Being simple, it is ideal for children and those studying composition.
Download yak.7z | Make-samples script | Export example [mp3]


ChiCN (chicken pie) is a Chinese speller which uses common ASCII symbols to approximate the shape of ideograms. It's easy because you only need to remember a few strokes to generate a list of choices, thus spelling a char. very easily and quickly. It supports learning up to 5 thousand chars.
Download chi.7z


Vrs is a Bible search tool. Right now it uses a JSON Bible file which I got from a Catholic web site. It was well formatted, thus suitable. The app is simple to learn, cute, and I hope many Christians and apologetics will keep it as a widget on their desktops / laptops for quick reference as well as note taking. The star feature is its powerful search function which uses only 5 operators: START, WITH, SEEK, NOT, SHARE.
Download vrs.7z


Drafter is a complete drafting environment for writers. It uses SHT's RBSEJ tagging and smart regex matching to enable random access editing of drafts through a button 'tree' structure. Used properly, it supports systematic building of a complex plot, otherwise daunting. It also spellchecks and counts words.
Download drafter.7z


CHR is an easier to use app compared to Drafter (above). It provides a user interface for writers to dip into and modify their story outline without restrictive formatting. It is the super Stickies app you've been waiting for. Tested on Windows 10 only. | outline.txt | README_chr.txt