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Welcome to C. K. Yap's FREE short story distribution site (all are my own creations). My photo is on the left. Have a look around and spread the word to all the hungry readers out there!

Also check out my game designs and the casual karate belt (links bottom of page). Read my articles on Medium here.

{ Mini Stories from my Upcoming Collection of 9 }

"3 Tales of Temptation"
---, Prose poem of compassion-symbiosis, a sensuous hair salon, the dark side of slavery
"3 Tales of Mind Games"
---, Man fights insect minds, Christians murder one another, Italian model goes trans and more
"4 Weddings in 3 Acts" [WIP]
---, Four couples gather in a Saint's mansion to marry

Malaysian residents should be able to order this book in paperback by early August. E-mail me at yapchenkuang@outlook.com if you'd like to order any collection of stories in physical book form. Prices are competitive. Overseas orders may incur significant charges due to being further away.

{ Flash Fiction Mini Stories }

"Swan Song"
---, a star lies dying alone
"Eyes of the Stars"
---, 2 hobos change the world
"The Raspberry Revolution"
---, satire on economics, power
"Evidence of Foul Play"
---, the dangers which lurk beneath the sea and mind
"The Archers of Silent Plateau"
---, aliens with a dark power
---, immorals discuss existentialism

{ Fiction From My Blog }

"My Malaysia PART-1"
---, a vision of a new economy
"My Malaysia PART-2"
---, politics and race-religion
"My Malaysia PART-3"
---, an exorcism of racism and terror
"The Flamers"
---, boys wake up sleeping derelict war machines
---, inside a computer research center where the future of AI is made
"The Ring and the Pearls"
---, a Martian slave gains freedom but she turns back
"Window to Nowhere"
---, maintenance guys ride a laser to the moon
"Once Upon Writing a Book"
---, is there such a thing as finality?
---, physics and imagination run out of control
"The Equator"
---, a young girl discovers Math is not truth

{ FREE PDF & ePub Downloads }

⬗ Download and print My Short Stories vol. 2 | ePub | Buy Paperback [Malaysia only]
---, contains 3 longer stories, The Gold Jacket / Toast and Curry / Ukulele Travels. My magnum opus.

⬗ Download and print Sea of Storms and Other Stories | ePub
---, contains 10 of my older mini stories including A Question of Procedure / Old Man's Car / The Writer's Room.

⬗ Download and print Analects of Elder Brother Yeap / diagrams / I-Ching
---, my analysis of the I-Ching based on the ABY in which I rearrange the hexagrams and add 8 to make 72 around a binary (early heaven) bagua.

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